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What ETFs can you buy on the Russian stock market?

What ETFs can you buy on the Russian stock market?

They are not so many, only 30 pieces.

Let's start with the fact that the first ETFs appeared in the West back in the 90s, and they began their rapid development after the crisis in 2008. Currently, there are several thousand variations of ETFs on the global market, from various companies'.

ETFs appeared on the Russian market only recently, in 2017, and their popularity is just beginning to grow.

To date, 30 different ETFs are represented on the Moscow exchange, from such companies as FinEx, VTB, Sberbank, Alfa-capital, Gazprombank and ITI Funds.

For some reason ETFs count it is a risky instrument in our country, so only qualified investors can buy foreign ETFs and choose from their variety. Therefore, if you do not have such a status or your account is not opened with a foreign broker, then you will have to be content only with what is provided on the site Mosbirzhe.


FinEx occupies the lion's share of the ETF market. Among them you can find the following tools:

I decided not to paint everything, because everything is very clear in this picture.

Commissions for this Fund range from 0.45 to 0.95% depending on the ETF.

The Commission is not charged separately, it does not need to be paid separately to the broker, it is simply located inside your ETF. For example, the annual return of the index is 6%, and the ETF will have it:


VTB capital asset management JSC

VTB not so long ago put on the market 4 ETFs (in Russian they are called BPIF), they are collections:

  1. Us corporate bonds - Commission 0.5%;
  2. Russian corporate bonds-Commission 0,8%;
  3. US stocks, s&P500 analog, Commission 0.9%;
  4. Developing countries (including China, India, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Taiwan, etc.), Commission 0.9%.

I will note that VTB does not bother much, and the last two ETFs (3 and 4 points) they just buy from another Ishares ETF Fund.

They don't even know it hide)
Here comes the S&P500

I don't mind that they just repurchase another Fund's ETF, but the Commission in Ishares is, for example, 0.18% for the S&P500 index. Commission increase by 500% (5 times higher). How do you like this business idea?)


Alfa-capital offers 3 Bpifs:

  1. Technologies 100-contains 100 American technology companies;
  2. S&P500-everything is clear here;
  3. Europe 600-repeats the index of 600 European companies large, small and medium.

Based on the description of the strategy itself investing in Alfa-capital is all a little veiled written, but on the website of the Moscow Exchange for their ETF the following description:

BPIF invests in units of a foreign investment Fund

From which we conclude that they most likely do the same as VTB, just buying back those ETFs, which we can't buy on our own.

The Commission for all three options is 0.69% .


Sberbank has four ETFs with a 1% Commission (the largest in its segment).

By the way, in the US back in 2008, commissions on ETFs were around 0.27%, now the major players have commissions are around 0.09%
Again, in the picture, everything is clear, which BPIF, in which they invest

Aren't you tired? Let's make a quick run, there's just a little left here. I don't like to divide it into several articles. information.


There are two versions of ETFs, both containing corporate bonds. Just one Fund contains bonds with a maturity of up to 2 years, the second - up to 4 years. The Commission is acceptable-0.36% .

These are mainly bonds of such companies as Gazpromneft, MTS, Rosneft, Magnit and others others.

ITI Funds

There are also only two ETFs, one with Russian Eurobonds, and the second one repeats the RTS index. The Commission of 0.65%.

Compared to the West, the choice is, of course, small. But, you must agree, there is a variety.

It is difficult to say anything about reliability and durability however, all of them are quite young, and some of them started creating ETFs quite recently. Let's hope they don't let us down)

At least diversify your investment strategy or further diversify your portfolio by country or by securities (stocks and bonds) - they will definitely help. As always, the choice and decision for you.

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