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We consider the yield of the Tinkoff bond.

We consider the yield of the Tinkoff bond.

Friends! Yesterday, I received a lot of requests for calculating the yield of the Tinkoff Bank JSC bond. In the morning, I completed it and sent out my chart to everyone. I really liked the result, so I also decided to buy securities of this financial company organizations.

First of all, I like the business qualities of the Bank's founder, Oleg Tinkov. When making investment decisions, I focus more on people than on the financial performance of a particular company. It is only through entrepreneurial acumen and love of their own business that any Manager can take your company out of any crisis. For me, Oleg Tinkov is just such a person. It is constantly searching for new revolutionary solutions that will change our perception of the banking sector. This is great, so I decided to add Tinkoffb7 (RU000A0JWM31) to my portfolio. Let's count it yield.

The nominal value of the bond is 1000 rubles. The coupon rate of 7.4% is paid to holders every 182 days. There are 3 remaining payments of 36.90 rubles. Enter the current stock market price of 102.08% in the table and get the result. We'll check it manually.

I I trust automatic calculations, but I try to recalculate them again before publishing them.

Expenses: Nominal value (1000 rubles) x Price (102.08%) + NCD (today 8.52 rubles) + broker's Commission (0.06%) + exchange Commission (0.01%%) = 1030.04 rubles.

The yield on the bond TinykoffB7 (RU000A0JWM31).

When calculating expenses, you must consider several important points. When the price changes, be sure to recalculate the yield, since it can be negative. I will be very sad if You lose your money. The accumulated coupon income also changes every day. Specify it in the choose your trading program or use my Excel. It counts it automatically.

Amount to be repaid: Face value (1000 rubles) + all coupons until maturity (3 x 36.90 rubles = 110.70 rubles) - 13% tax (15 rubles) = 1095.70 rubles.

Yield of the tinkoffb7 bond (RU000A0JWM31).

Several words about the features. A 13% income tax will be deducted from each coupon payment. This bond is issued prior to the start of the grace period. The tax will be refunded if You have an AIS (type B). I have provided information about coupon payments at the beginning of this article.

Yield to maturity: Amount to be repaid (1095,70 rubles.) - Expenses (1030,04 p.) = 65.66 p. x 100 : 1030,40 p. = 6,372% : 504 days to maturity X 365 days per year = 4.61% p. a.the yield to maturity of the tinkoffb7 bond (RU000A0JWM31).

Yield of the tinkoffb7 bond (RU000A0JWM31).

Is it possible to increase the profitability indicator? Yes, if the purchase is made on the AIS (type A). This will give an additional 7.94%. In total, you can earn 4.61% + 7.94% = 12.55% by purchasing a Tinkoff Bank bond due to a tax deduction from the state. I got an excellent result for the market of debt financial instruments.

IIS + Tinkoff Bonds = 12,55%

Please study the calculation formula and the effective IP rate .

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